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Title:  Operation Artemis: The Lessons of the Interim Emergency Multinational Force
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Author:  Peacekeeping Best Practices Unit, United Nations, 10/2004
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This paper aims to draw lessons for the UN from the deployment of the Interim Emergency Multinational Force (IEMF) in Bunia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) between June and September 2003. In this regard, it traces the various stages in both the crisis in the Ituri region and in the deployment of the IEMF and makes recommendations for future peacekeeping operations.

The paper notes that the disorderly withdrawal of Ugandan forces and the ensuing crisis in the Ituri region of the DRC obliged MONUC to redeploy the Uruguayan battalion to Bunia in order to protect UN personnel participating in the Ituri peace process. While this decision led to the saving of many lives, the arrival of the Uruguayan battalion also led to increased expectations among the population that the UN would be able to protect civilians despite the lack of capacity for this task. In this regard, emphasis is placed on the need to ensure that contingents are properly configured and equipped to perform mission reserve tasking and that troop contributors are given clear guidance on the use of force in peacekeeping, particularly as regard the protection of civilians.

The continuing crisis and the plight of the civilians who sought refuge around the MONUC compound and the airport eventually led to the deployment of the IEMF under the leadership of France which was able to restore security to Bunia and pave the way for the deployment of the Ituri Brigade. However, the tightly constrained life-span of the IEMF could have led to failure if circumstances had not permitted the rapid deployment of the Ituri Brigade.

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